About Dr. Roessler and his Practice, Mundelein, IL

Dr. Roessler’s dental practice offers general and cosmetic services to treat a wide variety of patients. Complete with patient testimonials, before and after photos, and procedure information, this video provides a full view of the amazing work performed at Dr. Roessler’s Mundelein office.

Dr. Roessler discusses Porcelain Veneers

Before and after cases of Dr. Roessler’s porcelain veneer patients showcase the versatility of this popular cosmetic treatment. In this video, Dr. Roessler explains the results of the porcelain veneers procedure and the gratifying results it brings to his Mundelein patients.

David Janz Testimonial about Dr. Roessler

Satisfied patient Dave shares his story of long-term tooth pain and fear of the dentist. Dr. Roessler treated Dave’s tooth pain and enhanced the look of his smile with cosmetic dentistry, eliminating any dental anxiety and turning him into a routine patient.

Dr. Roessler discusses Invisalign Treatments and Advantages

Dr. Roessler shares the benefits of Invsialign’s modern and invisible orthodontic procedure. Invisalign is offered at Dr. Roessler’s Mundelein practice for teens and adults looking to efficiently straighten their smiles.

Dr. Roessler discusses TMJ Treatment options

Patients experiencing TMJ related pain benefit from TruDenta therapy, used at Dr. Michael Roessler’s office. Utilizing effective physical therapy techniques helps to relieve jaw pain and discomfort for Mundelein patients suffering from TMJ disorder.

Katrinka Rosenquist Testimonial about Dr. Roessler

Katrinka, a patient of Dr. Roessler’s for over 20 years, received cosmetic dentistry before her wedding. After a previous negative experience with bonding, Dr. Roessler gave Katrinka a beautiful smile for her special day and the rest of her life!