TMJ Treatment in Mundelein, IL

You can achieve a better quality of life through TMJ treatment in Mundelein, IL. If you’re tired of dealing with jaw pain and tenderness, care from Dr. Roessler:

  • Stops you from grinding your teeth and damaging them
  • Relaxes your jaw muscles and reduce spasms
  • Reduces the frequency and intensity of your headaches
  • Eliminates facial pain and earaches
  • Makes biting and chewing more comfortable
  • Stops annoying popping and clicking when you open and close your mouth
  • Relieves tension in your shoulders and neck

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We’ll Help You & Your Jaw Feel Better

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are located on either side of your head. They allow you to open and close your mouth. Medical researchers don’t fully understand all the causes of TMJ disorders. Yet everyone knows that TMJ pain can be debilitating. When these joints become irritated and inflamed, you can experience a tremendous amount of pain.

A lot of facial pain that patients have is not necessarily coming from the TMJ joint itself, it is actually coming from the muscles which open and close the jaw. When these muscles are overworked and in spasm, they can cramp up and cause pain and discomfort. A possible solution to this problem may be a deprogramming splint. which relaxes these muscles and allows them to heal.

Dr. Roessler and his team have many other ways to help. At your consultation, we’ll give you a full TMJ exam, plus we may take a set of X-rays for a detailed look at your jaw and facial muscles. Depending on your situation, we will recommend one or more treatments:

  • Mouthguards – These night guards are made to be worn while you sleep. They create a barrier to prevent bruxism, or teeth grinding.
  • Jaw Exercises – Your jaw can benefit from rehab exercises like other parts of your body can.
  • TMJ Deprogrammer – A deprogrammer prevents the back teeth from coming together and clenching. It results in a decrease in the amount of muscle activity by almost 80% allowing the your jaw closing muscles to relax and heal.
  • Ultrasound – Delivering deep heat to your joints can increase circulation and ease discomfort.
  • Microcurrent – When applied at your pain trigger point, this can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.
  • TENS – Applying electrodes lets us deliver low-voltage electrical currents. This can block nerves in your jaw from sending pain signals to your brain.
  • Manual Therapy – Think of this as physical therapy to relax your jaw muscles, which can spasm to cause facial and jaw pain.

Your situation could even require restorative dental work if your teeth are worn or damaged to the point where your bite is affected. If so, we can use a combination of dental implants, crowns, and bridges to repair your teeth and align your bite.

The goal is for us to determine the cause of your discomfort and to treat you accordingly. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treating TMJ symptoms.

Alleviate Your TMD Symptoms for Good

Contact us as soon as possible if you experience any of the symptoms below, as they could be a sign of trouble with your TMJ:

  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Jaw pain or stiffness
  • Pain when opening or closing your mouth
  • Popping or clicking when chewing
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Tension in your neck and shoulders

Isn’t it time you sought TMJ treatment in Mundelein for your jaw pain? Call Michael S. Roessler DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry at 847-652-9147 or schedule online
to set up your consultation. Let us help you feel better.

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment/Teeth Grinding

Does TMJ treatment work?

Yes, our TMJ treatment has been able to help many patients over the years relieve their pain for good. No matter which type of treatment you end up going with, the team here at Michael S. Roessler DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry will make sure it’s the right one for you. Besides you, no one wants your treatment to be successful more than we do.

How long does TMJ treatment take?

We understand you want to end the pain caused by a TMJ disorder as soon as you can. The truth is that treatment can take weeks or months depending on the severity of your situation and what needs to be done. For most patients, an oral appliance is the perfect solution in and of itself. For others, physical therapy, orthodontics, or restorations may be needed to realign teeth to reduce grinding for the long term.

Will insurance cover my TMJ treatment?

Your insurance may pay for a portion of the cost of your TMJ treatment. We recommend you check with your carrier to determine what they will and won’t cover. We’ll work with your insurance to maximize your benefits and ensure that your out-of-pocket cost is minimal. Our team wants you to get the help you need to feel better.

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