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Does the thought of visiting your dentist give youSedation Dentistry extreme anxiety? Or have you had bad dental experiences in the past that have made you develop a fear of the dentist? Perhaps you have a medical condition that prohibits you from sitting still long enough to get through a dental procedure. Whatever the reason for avoiding the dentist can be solved with the help of sedation dentistry. Dr. Roessler at Roessler, DDS in Mundelein, IL knows that not all patients are the same. This is why he offers sedation dentistry to those patients who need it, or would prefer it for a better dental experience.

Different Sedation Options

There are many different methods of sedation dentistry, the most common being nitrous oxide or “laughing gas.” This is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen delivered through a mask that helps you feel completely relaxed. Dr. Roessler will control the amount you receive to your desired level for your needs. The best part about this option, is that it wears off quickly after the mask is removed. This is the only method that will allow you to drive home afterwards.

Another method is orally with a pill. The pill(s) prescribed are apart of the Valium family, and the amount prescribed will determine the level of sedation. It will make you feel very relaxed and will occasionally put patients to sleep. You will be conscious during your procedure but may not remember it afterwards. The pill should be taken before your visit and will require you to have a driver to and from our office.  IV sedation also delivers a similar effect, although it goes into effect seconds after it is injected.

General anesthesia is the last type of sedation methods. This is generally used for more complex procedures like oral surgeries or for patients who do not respond well enough to other sedation methods. This method requires an anesthesiologist to be present in the room and can be quite costly if insurance does not cover it.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are many benefits of sedation dentistry, the most important being the ability to have all procedures done in one visit. If you normally take a few separate visits to complete your treatment, you will have them all at once because you will be sedated and easier to work on.  Another benefit is that you will not fear your dental visits any longer. If your dental health has been suffering because you avoid the dentist, this will not be the case. You can have any procedure you need or want without having a bad experience. Your dental health will therefore improve.

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If you have a history of dental anxiety or fear of the dentist, you might be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Contact Dr. Roessler at our Mundelein dentist office if you think you might benefit from sedation dentistry. You can dial 847-566-9330 or fill out our online contact form if you have any questions.

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