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Dr. Michael Roessler’s Success Stories

Hi Dr. Roessler,

I wanted to write to tell you what a nice and pleasant experience I had with you and your practice over my recent initial and follow-up visits. You were recommended by another new patient who is quite happy at your practice as well.

My first visit was a routine cleaning with Tammy, and I must say I don’t think I’ve ever had a more thorough cleaning in all of my 59 years! She’s wonderful; thank you Tammy.

Also at that visit, you found an old filling that needed to be replaced. I mentioned how that prospect scared me – the drilling, the needle – ouch! I set up that appointment for a week later and was dreading that day. You see, I’ve had painful experiences with “routine” filling replacement in the past. Anyway, I got there at my appointed time of 8:30 a.m. and was out by 9 a.m. Wow!!! You and your assistant, Kathy, knew how afraid I was of the procedure so you were ready with the nitrous oxide. You then prepared the site to inject the novacain and then did tv.•o•.injections that I didn’t even feel. You proceeded to drill out the old filling – five minutes –: did not feel anything. This was not low pain; this was no pain.

Thank you again Dr. Roessler for two very pleasant visits. I know this will be a great dental relationship for the years to come.

Best Regards,

Greg Nixon

When I first came to Dr. Roessler, I had a very poor fitting lower partial denture. I had been to several dentists and no one could fit the partial correctly. Over time and an infection , all of my lower teeth had to be removed. A friend recommended Dr. Roessler to me as he also gave her a beautiful smile. At my first appointment we discussed how bad my teeth were and a treatment plan was made to correct all the problems. Dr. Roessler has given me my smile back and patiently worked to transform my remaining upper front teeth to look great and feel comfortable. I now have a upper partial to complete the rest of my upper teeth. The lower denture Dr. Roessler made for me is comfortable and completes my smile. I can finally chew my food and it looks great! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Roessler to everyone, as he did an excellent job returning and repairing my teeth and smile to me that I have not had for years.

Jeanne C. July 2012

Dr. Roessler,

I first came to see Dr. Roessler to obtain a second opinion regarding my top teeth. My teeth had become very small and translucent over the years due to grinding. My top front teeth no longer touched my bottom teeth and I had become very self conscious of my smile. I decided to have Dr. Roessler do the procedure and he redid six of my top teeth. He was very precise with color and shape and I cannot believe how beautiful my teeth look! He made them longer so that they touch my bottom teeth and look natural. No one would ever know that I had dental work done. I would highly recommend Dr. Roessler to all of my family and friends. He helped me regain my smile, I will be forever thankful!!!

-Ursula M.

Dr. Roessler,

I first came to see Dr. Roessler to obtain a second opinion regarding my top teeth. My teeth had become very small and translucent over the years due to grinding. My top front teeth no longer touched my bottom teeth and I had become very self conscious of my smile. I decided to have Dr. Roessler do the procedure and he redid six of my top teeth. He was very precise with color and shape and I cannot believe how beautiful my teeth look! He made them longer so that they touch my bottom teeth and look natural. No one would ever know that I had dental work done. I would highly recommend Dr. Roessler to all of my family and friends. He helped me regain my smile, I will be forever thankful!!!

Lake Villa, IL

Thanks for all you’ve done,

“I highly recommend Dr. Roessler!  What a wonderful, gifted dentist with a very professional and kind chairside manner.  Along with a general dental exam, I went to Dr. Roessler for some cosmetic work on two of my teeth that were out of alignment.  OMG!  Dr. Roessler was so particular about the contour and coloring of my veneers, it went way beyond the call of duty.  The veneers are so perfect that they are indistinguishable from the rest of my teeth.  Thank you so much Dr. Roessler for my full, straight, white, movie star smile!”

Thanks again so much for taking such great care of my teeth and making them look so great.  😀

Janice D.

February 4th, 2011

I had never been happy with the appearance of my front teeth, my mother did some research and found Dr. Roessler, we met with him and immediately I knew that he was the right choice for my dental problem. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable person and cares a great deal about his patients and his work.

After consulting with Dr. Roessler, I decided on getting porcelain veneers to fix my dental problem. Dr. Roessler took the time to explain the process and everything that he intended on doing to give me the results I was hoping for. I am so happy with my new smile and have more confidence in my appearance now. My teeth look and feel natural and I couldn’t be happier with the work he has done.

Thank you Dr. Roessler!

Joe R.

Dr. Roessler,

I am very pleased with my new dentures. Not only do they make me look better, but they fit like a glove, and I do not need any adhesive. Thank you , Dr. Roessler, for my beautiful new smile.

Arlene S.

Making the decision to have my teeth straightened at age 49 was a tough one, you feel that you shouldn’t spend the money on yourself, it could be used elsewhere. However, thinking about it, you only have one set of teeth and one set of gums, and caring for them now would be the best investment. I researched getting braces vs. Invisalign. Conventional braces would take over 2-3 years, needing the full nine yards. The cost would have been double what my Invisalign treatment was. Having been a patient of Dr. Roessler’s for a couple of years, I told him that I wasn’t happy with my crooked teeth. At first I don’t know if he thought we could do mine (they were pretty bad), however, he took the impressions and sent them in to see if it was possible. Great news came back from Invisalign that my treatment not only could be done, but completed in about 9 months to one year! The biggest part was how dedicated and disciplined I was going to be .. You must follow the instructions and wear the aligners faithfully. You must also do your brushing and flossing  and have your treatment progress monitored by Dr. Roessler approximately every 4-6weeks. Within the first 2 months, you could see a difference, my husband couldn’t believe it. The other funny thing was that no one could notice that I had them on unless I told them. They just thought I had a great looking shiny smile. What a concept feeling comfortable smiling..! Was it a little uncomfortable the first two days? Yes. Was it worth a little discomfort? Absolutely. Was it worth the discipline needed to accomplish the goal? Yes. I got used to them in only a couple of days. Within 8-9 months I was done, and I am wearing my Invisalign retainers at night while I sleep. Would I recommend Invisalign orthodontic treatment to others? Absolutely! I think everyone deserves to have a great smile and to feel good about themselves.

Debbie L.

Dear Doctor Roessler,

I just wanted to write a note to thank you for all the great care you and your staff have given me. I came to your office needing a new dentist, and was at ease every time I visited. That has never happened at a dentist office for me! Even as the dental work was going on, I felt no pain, and felt the care I was given was A+! Even with all my crazy jaw clenching problems, you offered same day visits to help me. Thank you!!

Keep up the great work!

Take care!

Holly R.

Dr. Roessler,

I Love, Love, Love my teeth!!! I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work, determination and talent you spent to make my smile perfect! ( not a word I use lightly!!)

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you, a million thank yous!

Pam P.

March 22nd, 2010

Growing up with crooked teeth always made me a bit self-conscience about my appearance. Dr. Roessler had discussed braces with me in the past, however being over 40 I did not want the typical “barbed wire” look that is common with teenagers. He then told me about Invisalign braces and I was very intrigued. I decided to go with the Invisalign program and was very happy with the ability to finally straighten my teeth without the metal. My time frame was about two years. Once we had the teeth lined up, the topic of veneers was discussed and I was all for it. I had 6 veneers put in on my top row of teeth (smile line) and could not be happier with the results. Dr. Roessler was terrific in setting my expectations and showing me what the final look would be and made it convenient for my busy schedule with the appointments. Although I live about 20 miles away from his office and could easily go to a dentist in the town I live in, I don’t think I could get the great service he and his staff provide. Thanks Dr. Roessler!

David S.
January, 2008

Dr. Roessler and Crew,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for getting Rob and I in before our dental insurance benefits expired at the end of April. We appreciate your promptness and excellent service. We’ve been recommending you to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Thanks Again,
Helen and Rob C.

Dear Dr. Roessler,

I want to thank you for getting my dentures done super fast and DEAD SOLID PERFECT.
I am ever so grateful to you all.

Maggie B.

Dr. Roessler, Holly and Whole Staff,

  • Souvenir Russian army cap: $5.00
  • Ticket to the ballet in St. Petersburg: $30.00
  • Seeing your brother smile and enjoy his dream trip to Russia: PRICELESS

Thanks for taking good care of us and our teeth!

Jill and Bill B.

I met Dr. Roessler in 1994, and the rest is history! I am a former dental assistant and VERY particular about my teeth. I had a discolored front tooth, and it didn’t take long to realize he was the first dentist I’d met in years that I could trust to put a crown on it. We worked with his dental lab to get the color just right and it is one of the most natural crowns I have ever seen. Since then, Dr. Roessler has done six more crowns! People I meet think I have “perfect teeth”. They are surprised when I tell them how much work I have had completed and are always happy to take my referral. He is the only dentist for me!

Peggy Z from Libertyville, IL
January, 2008

Dear Michael,

Thank you for coming in early to see me and give me the “bad news”. I thought your staff was great and I already sent another patient. You don’t need to give me any discounts I know its hard to support a family! Great office, I am so happy you own your own building. I loved your website! Good work!

Yours Truly,
Dr. Cheryl P.

Dear Dr. Roessler,

Thank you so much for being so kind and blessing me with your services! I appreciate you writing off my last visits bill after medicare refused to pay for it. This world would be a much better place if there were more people like you! Your kindness will never be forgotten and I give your name out “a lot”. Just yesterday, I saw my pain doctor for my neck and spine/neurological problems and I gave him your name. He needed an oral surgeon and I wasn’t sure if you did that also! Now with being on Long term Disability and not being able to return to work my family has no group Health Insurance or dental coverage. If you ever need your carpets or upholstery cleaned call Advanced Chem Dry (my husbands business). And we will return the services for the help you gave me the last visit.

Thanks Again,
Angie D.

Dr. Roessler,

I wanted to send this note, hoping it will reach you. I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. If you can remember back, I came to you in tears. In fear of what I had to face not knowing if anything could be done for me. I had such a fear that for years I put off going to a dentist and suffered with the nightmares instead. I know I have more work needed. I am far from having all the stated work completed. Much of what I have is temporary. But, I moved out of state. It was a move I knew was coming and was looking forward to. But, the actual event happened very fast. As a result I am unable to finish what was started. Eventually I will find a dentist down here in NC that will finish it, I’m sure no one will compare to the service and kind treatment I’ve received. I wanted to tell you and your assistant that I am so grateful for your kindness and understanding while dealing with me. My problems were greater than my teeth. I would never have been able to overcome my fears and get back my self worth without your help. I came to you thinking that I did not deserve to have my teeth fixed because I had caused the problems. If it weren’t for the initial visit and how you both treated me, I would have never come back. I wanted to assure you that, because I have not been back, it’s not because I was running away or unsatisfied, it was only because I moved. I want to thank you. I tell everyone how I felt before I came and how I was treated and recommend you to everyone.

Thank You So Much,
Andrea B.

Dear Dr. Roessler,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the dental work you recently did for me. I appreciated your meticulous approach and attention to detail, which is very obvious in the final result. My husband tells me that I am smiling more than I did before and I am sure that is because I feel more confident that my smile is attractive.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants first class dental work.

Marie P.
Lake Forest, IL

I came to Dr. Roessler and Jenny, his assistant, with a strong fear of dentists. With both of their kindness and patience I overcame that fear.

With a full mouth restoration and Invisalign I now have a beautiful smile that makes me feel good within and out! I would strongly recommend Dr. Roessler and Jenny to anyone.

Kathy N.

Dear Dr. Roessler,

Please feel free to share the following testimonial with other potential clients. Even though you do not have the official “pediatric dentist” label, I consider your practice the best! Proof? I don’t have to drag my daughter to come! She knows it will be a good time!

Dr. Roessler is wonderful for kids! The hygienists are gentle and pain-free, and Dr. Roessler has a fun and cheery personality, and enjoys sharing knowledge about your teeth. Come visit Dr. Roessler- he is great for the whole family! Thank you!

Jennie F. and family
August, 2008

“Awesome job on my front teeth”
– N.A.
Antioch IL
January 2005

“When I started to see Dr. Michael Roessler in October of 1999, my gums and front teeth were an absolute disaster, especially my right front tooth. During one of my quarterly cleaning sessions, Dr. Roessler asked me to consider veneers. It was a good point in time, as we were planning to finalize an implant for my right front tooth. The plan was to do seven teeth in the upper jaw and leave the lower jaw teeth as they are, except to bleach them. It did not take me long to decide to go for it. So, we planned the three sessions necessary to beautify my smile:

-The first session was needed for choosing the style and look of the veneers, taking the before pictures, and making impressions for the bleaching tray and the technicians preparing the veneers.

– The second session, four hours on one Saturday morning, was used to prepare the six teeth (remember, one was missing and needed an implant), and to give me a temporary solution until the final porcelain veneers were ready.

– And, finally, four weeks later, during the third session, little more than three hours on Saturday, May 24,2003, the temporary was removed and the final beauties were attached to the remainder of my natural teeth. The result was an unbelievable beautiful smile!

All the time I was bleaching the lower jaw teeth so that they were almost as white as the veneers by now. I was easily able to tolerate the two Saturday sessions: Dr Roessler took care to assure I felt no pain. He explained every step so that I always knew what was going on. I was impressed how detail oriented Dr. Roessler was in assuring that the “new” look is perfect: constantly measuring, checking, and removing even the slightest smidge of an out-of-line tooth… everything to make the smile great. The technicians who worked with the doctor were wonderful too. Everything was well prepared and available when needed. After the final visit, and the “after” pictures, everybody in the office congratulated me on my new smile! When talking to people now, I notice that they are looking at me, wondering what has changed. Those who knew about the undertaking are very impressed with the results.

– B.S.
Mundelein, IL
July 2, 2003

“Dr Roessler,
Our family moved to the Libertyville area about 10 years ago and like most transferee’s you must search for dentists, doctors, schools etc. I was referred to a dentist in Libertyville who treated my teeth for a year or two. While with him he stated I needed “major” restoration work due to the years of grinding my teeth, especially at night while sleeping.

Somehow I never had the needed comfort level with him and another friend referred me to your office. As you know I have now been a patient of yours for some 5 years or so. You also suggested major restoration work, at about the same time you were visiting Las Vegas for state of the art training on restoration practices. Like most people, money was a concern since the work needed was very expensive.

After family discussions, we agreed we would find the money(loans) and I should begin the process. I believe we began with my upper teeth over a year ago and have now recently finished the lower portion. I cannot tell you how appealing the look I now have and I now have what appears to be the teeth of a male aged twenty who has great teeth. I also hope I will never have to spend any major amounts of money for the rest of my life on teeth. I wanted to thank you and your assistants for the work you have done. I would be glad to endorse your work to anyone that is contemplating the type of “reconstruction” that I have had done on my teeth. My smile is great as verified by my family and those who know me. I appreciate your professionalism and your fastidious approach to your work. Best regards to you and the others in your office, and thanks.”
November 2003

“Dear Michael,
I cannot thank you and your lovely assistant enough for putting a smile on my face for the first time in 35 years! After a terrible experience with my orthodontist in my teens, I lost the courage and desire to smile. I would smirk at best, to hide my terrible teeth.

The owner of the company I work for is the kind of guy who, while passing people in the hall, always says “Smile!”. He doesn’t know me very well,. And has always assumed that I am a grumpy person because he never sees me smiling. Every time he uttered that word, it made me angry and uncomfortable. I didn’t want to smile and show my teeth. How dare he insist that I do!! Not anymore!!!! He actually has taken an interest in talking to me now that I can’t stop smiling! What a difference a couple of days make!!

I decided to see what could be done about my teeth after seeing the reality TV program “total Makeover”. I had checked with orthodontists in the past, but they said there was not much they could do unless they moved all my teeth back to their original position and pulled my front teeth out to make a bridge. I didn’t want any more teeth pulled, so I thought I was out of luck until I saw what was possible on that show. I looked on the internet under “Cosmetic Dentists” and entered my zip code for a dentist near me. To my disappointment, there were none listed, but I was informed that a dentist would contact me as soon as they found one in my area.

A couple of days later, I got the call that changed my life! It was the receptionist in your office, who had had her teeth done by you too, and she highly recommended you. I made the appointment, and my decision to “go for it” as soon as I met you. I just had a good feeling about you. You were so enthusiastic about the task at hand. People who love what they do usually do it very well. You are a perfectionist. Just the kind of guy I wanted working on my teeth.

I told you that I was moving out of state in two months and was elated that you could get the entire job done within that time frame. Two days is all it took! (My sister, who was shocked that I didn’t at least get a second opinion, and is herself in braces for the past two years with no idea when she might get them off, is quite envious of my “quick fix”). Now I can move into my new lifestyle with smiling confidence. Thanks again!!”
Lake Barrington, IL
September, 2003.