Tooth Fillings Stop Decay In Its Tracks
  • Enjoy the natural appearance of composite fillings
  • Stay healthy with metal-free fillings
  • Schedule morning, evening, or Saturday appointments

Tooth Fillings in Mundelein, IL

Even with regular dental cleanings and exams, a cavity can still pop up. However, with tooth fillings in Mundelein, IL, you’re assured of a great repair option. Our tooth-colored fillings:

  • Blend in naturally with the rest of your teeth
  • Prevent further tooth decay that could lead to more extensive dental work
  • Help you feel more confident eating, laughing, and smiling
  • End pain or discomfort when chewing
  • Last for several years with no special care needed

Call Michael S. Roessler DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today at 847-652-9147 if you need a tooth filled. You’ll find our friendly office at 444 N. Prospect Ave., Ste. 1 – between East Maple Avenue and East Hawley Street.

Protect Your Tooth Without Distracting From Your Smile

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a tooth filled, you’ll be glad to know that the days of unattractive silver fillings have passed. Now, you have a more attractive option for fixing decayed teeth.

As part of our restorative dentistry, we offer tooth-colored composite resin fillings made from tiny particles of glass and plastic. Dr. Roessler can select just the right shade for your filling so that it blends in seamlessly with your smile. No one will notice that you’ve had a tooth filled when you laugh, yawn, or eat.

Compared to traditional amalgam (silver) fillings, composite fillings require removing less of your healthy tooth structure. Since more of your tooth stays intact, you reduce your risk of more problems down the road.

To place your new tooth filling, Dr. Roessler will:

  • Gently remove any decay
  • Smooth the part of the tooth where your filling will go
  • Apply the composite resin
  • Carefully sculpt it into place
  • Cure the filling with a special light to harden it
  • Make final adjustments so your filling looks perfect and your bite is just right

Our Mundelein tooth fillings protect your teeth and look great at the same time! Call us today at 847-652-9147 or schedule your next appointment at Michael S. Roessler DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry online.

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

When do tooth fillings need to be replaced?

The life of fillings will vary, depending on their location and your oral hygiene, among other factors. A composite filling typically lasts from five to 10 years. No filling is designed to last a lifetime. You can maximize the life span of any filling by brushing and flossing every day and visiting us at least twice a year for professional cleanings.

Are tooth fillings painful?

At Michael S. Roessler DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, tooth fillings are placed in the most comfortable way possible. Our team will make sure that the area we’re working on is completely numb before we try to fill any teeth. You shouldn’t feel a thing except for a slight sensation of pressure. Plus, we’ll fully answer any questions you have before we get started.

Which tooth fillings are best?

Instead of metal fillings, we only offer tooth-colored composite fillings. A mix of tiny particles of glass and plastic, composite fillings require less removal of your natural tooth structure, which means you lower your chance of having issues down the road. Dr. Roessler can also match your filling perfectly to the natural shade of your teeth so it blends right in.

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