Porcelain Veneers in Mundelein and Libertyville

When it comes to first impressions, you probably know that your smile matters. Having yellowed, chipped, or misaligned teeth can cause insecurity and anxiety. It can even make you look older than you actually are. Everyone wants to smile and have people appreciate the natural beauty of his or her teeth. However, not everyone has that option by nature alone.

If you are looking for an affordable, yet long-lasting option to improve the appearance of your smile, dental veneers might be the right option. Dentist Dr. Michael Roessler has years of experience in applying veneers and will ensure you get that aesthetically beautiful smile you have been dreaming of.

How Are Veneers Applied?

You can expect a multiple stage application when you are coming in for veneers. This involves an evaluation of the tooth, shaping the tooth, making the veneer, and then finally applying it to the tooth.

The first thing that will happen when you come into the Michael Roessler DDS office for veneers is that the dentist will examine your teeth to evaluate your options. If Dr. Roessler believes that you are a good candidate for veneers, you will move forward with the process.

Dr. Roessler will shape your tooth in order to make room for the veneer that will be applied. The removal will only be for a small amount of enamel on the tooth. At the same time, evaluation will take place to find any decay or chips in the teeth. Correction of these issues is essential to undertake before the procedure continues.

Next. Dr. Roessler will choose the correct shade of veneer to use. While it might seem like a bright white is the best option, this can make the tooth look unnatural. Instead, the chosen shade will be close to the tone of your natural teeth.

After this, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth. This information is used to make the actual veneer which your tooth will have applied to it. Once impressions are available, the veneers will be created to fit your mouth perfectly. At this time, you will make an appointment for the actual application. You may also be provided with a temporary veneer to use until your permanent veneers are available.

Lastly, when you visit Michael Roessler DDS at the next appointment, Dr. Roessler will place the dental veneer on the tooth. A bonding material will keep it permanently in place, so you have no worries going forward.

Are Veneers Strong?

A very strong material is used to make porcelain veneers. They can last years and years if a talented dentist like Dr. Roessler applies them. It is not uncommon for them to last for a decade or even longer. Also, you will find that veneers are mostly maintenance-free provided they are designed and installed correctly. Because of this, veneers are an excellent option for someone who wants a beautiful smile without significant upkeep.

So long as you partake in proper dental hygiene practices such as flossing, brushing, and visiting the dentist, the longevity can be expected to be excellent. In some cases, your dentist may suggest a mouth guard in order to protect your veneers. As long as you follow the recommendations by Dr. Roessler, you will have stable and long-lasting veneers.

Do Veneers Hurt?

The process of having veneers applied by Dr. Roessler is not painful. In fact, most patients are anesthetized, while others may request the use of nitrous oxide. When your teeth are being prepared for the veneers, you can expect no discomfort at all.

Following this part of the procedure, you will be provided instructions about using a non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication. This is not always needed but will help to avoid any breakthrough pain that preparing for veneers has caused.

You will also be anesthetized while the application of the veneers happens. This is mostly because teeth may be more sensitive than usual after the removal of the temporary veneers. Once the procedure is done, you will be provided with instructions for breakthrough pain.

Are Veneers Worth It?

In short, yes! There are many excellent benefits that come with veneers. They are an affordable option that can significantly improve the lives of those who have them applied.

One of the most substantial benefits of veneers is having a whiter smile. You may choose teeth that are a bit lighter than your natural teeth, which can make you feel more comfortable with smiling and being in photographs. This benefit is especially excellent for anyone who has teeth that are resistant to bleaching or teeth that are overly sensitive.

Another outstanding benefit is that veneers can help with the shape of your teeth. They cover up imperfections like cracks and chips, as well. If you want something a bit different than your natural tooth, you can go for a new shape and length that looks better with your features.

The third benefit that porcelain veneers offer is that they provide an option that looks just like natural teeth. No matter what sort of light you are in, the ultra-thin nature of the veneers will ensure nobody realizes your teeth have been modified at all.

Veneers can also help with misalignments and stains on your teeth, which can make your smile much more uniform. If you want a smile that is pristine and straight, veneers are one of the best options available at Michael Roessler DDS.

There are some individuals for whom veneers may not be recommended, however. Those with gum disease, tooth decay, or infections may find veneers are not the most appropriate choice. However, it is always worth speaking with Dr. Roessler to get his input on whether you are an optimal candidate for the procedure.

All in all, veneers can help with multiple issues and imperfections with your teeth. Rather than using various treatments, veneers can be a single simple option that cleans up your smile.

Find Out More About Porcelain Veneers

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