General Dentistry Keep Your Smile Healthy
  • Stay relaxed with your choice of sedation options
  • Easily access the preventive services you need
  • Schedule early morning, evening, or Saturday visits

Maintain Good Oral Health With Your Mundelein General Dentist

It’s important to visit the dentist regularly to keep your smile healthy. By visiting your general dentist in Mundelein, IL, you can take advantage of many dental services that keep your smile looking its best while maintaining optimal oral health. At our office, you can:

  • Keep your teeth clean and white
  • Catch and treat oral problems early for maximum effectiveness
  • Avoid more invasive dental work down the road
  • Smile with greater confidence

Save time by making appointments for your entire family on the same day. You also have your choice of sedation if you need help relaxing.

Call 847-652-9147 now to schedule your next dental visit. We’re open for morning, evening, and Saturday appointments! You’ll find Michael S. Roessler DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry at 444 N. Prospect Ave., Ste. 1 in the 60060 ZIP code. We also serve Libertyville, Lake Forest, and other Lake County communities.

Prevent Problems to Protect Your Great Smile

You should visit us every six months for regular checkups. These visits include a periodontal exam, occlusion (bite) exam, TMJ exam, and oral cancer screening. We’ll also take a full set of X-rays to look for underlying problems. Those are just the start of why you should keep coming back to see us. You can receive all of these services:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams – At a minimum, you should get a professional cleaning twice yearly to remove plaque and tartar buildup and an exam to catch problems as soon as possible.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – We will perform a deep clean around and below your gumline to remove harmful bacteria and allow your gums to heal.
  • Custom Mouthguards – We can design athletic mouthguards to protect against lost teeth and dental injuries. If you grind your teeth, a night guard can save your smile and reduce headaches and other symptoms of TMJ disorder.
  • Dry Mouth Treatments – After identifying the cause of your dry mouth, we can recommend the right solution, including products like Biotene or fluoride trays for severe cases.
  • Bad Breath Treatments – For patients with chronic halitosis, we offer a lineup of mouthwashes and toothpastes that contain zinc. Our staff will be happy to advise you on the appropriate products for your situation.

Dr. Roessler also can act as your “general contractor” for oral health. When needed, he can refer you to dental specialists to provide the best treatment for more serious problems.

Let our Mundelein general dentist keep your smile in shape. Call us today at 847-652-9147 to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What does general dentistry include?

General dentistry consists of numerous services that are made to keep your smile in great shape. These services include dental cleanings and exams, gum disease treatment, preventive services like fluoride treatments and dental sealants, and mouthguards to shield your teeth during sports or while grinding teeth during sleep.

How long is general dentistry school?

After four years of undergraduate school, a student will attend dental school for four years, getting either a Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. That’s not the completion of their education, however. Dentists must complete a minimum amount of continuing education each year to preserve their license to practice dentistry.

Can a specialist practice general dentistry?

While the response is yes, in actuality specialists do not generally practice general dentistry; most work strictly in their field of expertise. That’s why it’s much better to go to a general dentist for the majority of your routine oral care, including cosmetic and restorative dentistry. A general dentist sees all sorts of different cases every day and is well equipped to deal with a variety of dental scenarios.

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