FAQs Answered by Our Cosmetic Dentist in Mundelein, Lake County

Dr. Michael Roessler, a cosmetic dentist serving Mundelein, Lake County in Illinois, answers some frequently asked questions. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Roessler’s cosmetic dentistry office.

Why not have a beautiful smile?

Dr. Roessler, a cosmetic dentist in Mundelein, Illinois, understands that an attractive smile can change more than just your appearance, it can change your entire life. The appearance of the teeth has a dramatic effect on both a person’s attractiveness to others and on their own self-image and self-esteem. Studies have shown that a person’s appearance will have a strong effect on their social and career success by influencing how others perceive them.

Our cosmetic dentistry practice often helps patients with low self-esteem caused by dissatisfaction with their facial appearance. While the appearance of the teeth is one of the most important contributors to facial beauty, it is also probably the most often neglected when improvements to appearance are sought.

Makeovers with a cosmetic dentist in Lake County have become more common, less invasive, and more effective in correcting deformities and cosmetic dental problems. The effect of these procedures can be nothing short of dramatic both in terms of appearance and also in terms of correcting, at least partially, personality deficiencies caused by poor self-image. Ugly teeth are no longer a matter of fate; they are now becoming a matter of choice.

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Question: My teeth are stained, broken, worn, crooked, and malformed. What can I do?

Solutions: Dental Veneers, Dental Bonding

Dr. Roessler, a cosmetic dentist serving the Lake County, Illinois area, uses dental veneers and dental bonding to repair teeth that are chipped, cracked, misshapen and severely discolored. Dental veneers completely cover the existing tooth, while dental bonding is applied to the surface of the existing tooth to change its appearance. For more information, contact Lake County cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Roessler.

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Question: Can I whiten my teeth?

Solutions: Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening and bleaching or home bleaching and whitening with our custom trays

One question Dr. Michael Roessler asks his patients is: “What would you do to your mouth if you had a magic wand?” Nine out of ten say they would like whiter or brighter teeth.

Procedures such as Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening whiten teeth up to 10 shades whiter in as little as an hour. Teeth bleaching in-office and at home has worked wonders for our patients.

Learn more about Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening

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Question: I have a missing, dead or dying tooth. What can I do?

Solution: Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent way to replace teeth in a smile. Dental implants would replace only the missing tooth without harming the tooth on either side of the space. They also can be used as anchors for bridgework and to hold down loose dentures. Another way to replace missing teeth is with a permanent bridge or removable partial denture. A permanent bridge will replace a missing tooth but the teeth on either side of the missing tooth need to be prepared with crowns that are attached to the missing tooth to form one unit. A removable partial denture can replace a single tooth or many teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Some dying teeth can be saved with root canal therapy. This way the tooth can be restored to its original healthy condition.

Read more about dental implants.

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Question: My teeth are crooked, but I’m too old for metal braces. Is there another way to straighten them?

Solution: Invisalign®.

Solution: Another way to straighten minor crowding of the teeth is with porcelain veneers. Read more about Invisalign® and dental veneers.

Invisalign®, offered by cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Roessler, is a revolutionary new way to straighten teeth without using traditional metal braces.

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Question: I am terrified of going to the dentist. Can you help? I need many dental procedures but I can’t afford to miss a lot of work. Is there a solution?

Solutions: Sedation dentistry and laser dentistry

Revolutionary new technologies such as sedation dentistry and laser dentistry are making cosmetic dentistry procedures faster and less painful than ever. Dr. Michael Roessler, a cosmetic dentist in Lake County, is proud to bring these techniques to the Chicago, Illinois area.

Sedation dentistry allows patients to remain calm during their procedures. Because they are not anxious, they can undergo many procedures during one appointment. Laser dentistry allows for faster treatment and shorter recovery times. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Roessler, a cosmetic dentist in Mundelein.

Read more about sedation dentistry, laser dentistry, and our other technology

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Question: Can something be done about my black and unsightly silver fillings?

Solution: “Invisible” composite fillings

Dr. Michael Roessler, a cosmetic dentist in the Lake County area of Illinois, can remove those unattractive silver fillings and replace them with fillings that match the color of your natural teeth!

Please contact our cosmetic dentistry practice with any questions you may have about the benefits of replacing silver amalgam fillings with invisible composite fillings.

Read more about invisible composite fillings

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Question: What can be done for gum disease?

Solution: Detecting early symptoms

Regular visits to a cosmetic dentist are the best way for Lake County residents to prevent gum disease. The American Dental Association says that over 75 to 80 percent of all adults have or will have some form of gum disease. Gum disease, more correctly called “periodontal disease”, is a bacterial infection in the gums and supporting structures of the teeth.

Identifying and treating gum disease in its early stages can prevent tooth and bone loss. We treat periodontal disease as aggressively as possible using methods such as scaling, root planing, and antibiotic therapy.

Gum disease is divided into several categories. The first stage is called “gingivitis” and is characterized by gum tissue that is red, puffy, and bleeds easily when touched with a toothbrush, floss or dental instrument. The second, third, and fourth stages are initial, moderate, and advanced “periodontal disease”, respectively. These stages are different from gingivitis because the infection has destroyed the bone supporting the teeth, causing eventual tooth loss.

Learn more about preventative dentistry

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Question: How does diet affect dental health?

Solution: Education

Dr. Michael Roessler, a cosmetic dentist serving Lake County in Illinois, works hard to educate his patients as to the importance of diet and dental health. Teaching good habits to children early can help ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

A diet low in certain nutrients reduces resistance to oral and dental infections, that is, periodontal disease (gum disease) and decay. A healthy immune system is essential to controlling periodontal disease. Counseling in the Four Basic Food groups will improve dental health and general health.

The consumption of sugar, especially in sticky forms, contributes to the rapid development of dental decay. Even diet soda can be detrimental to dental health, as the acidity tends to erode tooth enamel over time.

Fluoride is another important component of healthy teeth that is often missing from the common diet. The trace nutrient fluoride may not be adequately supplied by bottle or municipal water supplies. Supplementation with oral tablets and the topical application of fluoride rinses and fluoride gels will reduce the incidence of dental decay by more than 60 percent.

Together, a balanced diet, daily use of fluoride, effective brushing & flossing, and sensible eating habits can reduce the risk of, or even prevent, infectious dental disease.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our cosmetic dentistry office in Mundelein, Illinois, if you need more information on diet or fluoride supplementation and its relationship to dental health.

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Question: What can I do about my bad breath [halitosis]?

Solution: Kill the bacteria that causes bad breath

Dr. Michael Roessler, a cosmetic dentist serving the Lake County, Illinois and the surrounding area, understands that many patients are concerned about bad breath but may be too embarrassed to seek treatment. As a social embarrassment, it’s surely near the top of the list. Since mouthwashes won’t eliminate the problem, let’s look at some possible reasons for the condition.

Certain foods, such as onions, garlic, and spices will cause temporary bad breath. Some medical and systemic problems, such as sinusitis or acid reflux, can also contribute. But most causes are local in nature. Bacteria, plain and simple, are the culprit.

Bacteria do their work in the mouth, lungs, sinuses, and stomach. In the oral cavity, bacteria can cause gum disease. This infection is extremely prevalent today; it’s the first dental problem we suspect when it comes to halitosis. With a thorough hygiene program, there is a chance to control gum problems and this particularly awkward side effect.

Unclean dentures or partial dentures are also a source of odor. If you have had your partials or dentures for many years, contact Dr. Michael Roessler’s cosmetic dentistry practice in Mundelein, Illinois, to discuss having replacements made or inspected to make sure they are adequately clean and free from bacteria.

Decay can be another culprit along with “dry mouth” syndrome. For more information regarding bad breath, please contact Dr. Michael Roessler, a talented cosmetic dentist serving Lake County and Chicago, Illinois.

Learn more about halitosis

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Question: I am a senior citizen with dry mouth. Can you help?

Solution: Topical fluoride rinses (gels) and/or artificial saliva

Because of advancements in cosmetic dentistry, more Lake County , Illinois, seniors today have retained their own teeth, avoiding removable dentures. Many are on medications creating dryness of the mouth as a side effect. One of the benefits of saliva is that it neutralizes bacteria. Without this natural benefit of saliva to decrease bacterial action, we see an increase of cavities on the root surfaces of these patients. Anyone on a medication causing a dry mouth should be encouraged to see their dentist for regular dental cleanings. A topical fluoride gel may be applied to the tooth surface and strengthen the tooth. Fluoride may be prescribed for home use as well.

Please contact our cosmetic dentist, serving the Mundelein, Lake County area, for more information regarding dental problems of the elderly.

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Question: My dentures no longer fit properly. Should I be concerned?

Solution: Patients should have their dentures checked at least once a year

Dr. Michael Roessler, a talented cosmetic dentist in Lake County, Illinois, educates his patients as to the signs of poorly fitting dentures. Ill-fitting dentures can have detrimental effects on a patient’s dental health as well as their pocketbook. One consequence of poorly fitting dentures is that they will not last as long as properly fitting dentures. This is because poorly fitting dentures can cause the supporting ridge to erode faster than if the dentures fit properly. They can also break if not fitting properly to the underlying tissue and ridge. If you are using a lot of denture adhesive to hold your dentures on, they are not fitting properly.

Many denture wearers breathe a sigh of relief when they get their first pair of dentures, because they think their dental problems are over. What they soon realize, however, is that they have just traded some old problems for new ones.

Even the best fitting dentures can’t compete with natural teeth in ability to chew food efficiently and comfortably. As the years go by, the supporting ridges that remain after teeth have been removed gradually change and get smaller.

For most patients, their dentures need to be “relined” or “refitted” every 2-4 years so that the denture will conform to the changing ridge. A large change in weight can also alter the shape of the mouth, causing changes in the fit.

If you are a denture wearer, contact our cosmetic dentistry practice in Mundelein, Illinois. We can schedule an appointment for you to ensure your dentures fit properly, and possibly save you money and future discomfort.

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Question: How safe am I in your dental chair?

Solution: Modern patient protection

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Roessler and his Lake County, Illinois, professional staff take patient safety very seriously. Our cosmetic dentistry practice in Mundelein uses only the most up-to-date infection control procedures, industry safety standards are strictly adhered to, and we sterilize all of our instruments for your safety and well being.

A recent survey of dental patients showed that patient protection was #1 on their list of concerns about dental care. Some patients have even quit going to the dentist because of their fears. If you’re concerned about dental safety, contact our cosmetic dentistry office in Lake County for information on our safety practices.

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Question: I’m not in any pain. Why do I need to see the dentist?

Solution: Don’t rely on pain

Many people do not regularly see a cosmetic dentist. Many Lake County residents go only when they feel they have a problem. We call this “crisis treatment” as opposed to “preventative treatment”. While these patients may feel they are saving money, it usually ends up costing much more in both dollars and time. The reason for this is that most dental problems don’t have any symptoms, including pain, until they reach the advanced stages.

An example is tooth decay. At our cosmetic dentistry practice in Mundelein, Illinois, we hear all the time, “I don’t have any problems.” Tooth decay doesn’t hurt – until, that is, the decay gets close to the nerve of the tooth. Then a root canal and dental crown, or sometimes even a dental implant, may be necessary, instead of the small filling, which could have been placed several years prior, when the cavity was first beginning. We can usually detect a cavity three to four years before the patient develops any symptoms. It is not a surprise when our cosmetic dentist sees a Mundelein or Lake County patient who has a tremendous cavity and has never felt a thing!

Contact our cosmetic dentistry practice in Lake County to schedule an appointment at our office. Don’t let pain be your sign it’s time to see the dentist!.

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