Pick A Dentist Who’ll Change Your Life

By partnering with Michael S. Roessler, DDS for all of your cosmetic dentistry needs, you aren’t choosing someone who cares only about the look of your smile. Although maintaining your lifelong dental health and confident appearance is always our goal, we feel you should receive all your smile care in the most comfortable, convenient way possible. That’s why you can expect the following at our office:

  • A dentist with decades of experience and a dedication to keeping up with the latest techniques and technology
  • A whole-body approach to oral health
  • Same-day and after-hours emergency dental care
  • Evening and Saturday appointments
  • A bilingual office (Spanish and English)
  • Flexible payment options
  • A team who emphasizes quality dentistry that’s as pain-free as possible
  • Inhaled and oral conscious sedation
  • Warm blankets and the chance to bring your headphones for an extra touch of home
  • Time to answer your questions – we never brush aside anything that’s important to you

Dr. Roessler and our team think that things can always be improved upon and that you are never too old to get a better smile. That’s why we can offer quality comprehensive family care under one roof. In fact, we have been the only dentist for many patients for decades!

Here are several areas of dental care we can provide to address your smile needs and desires:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Without a doubt, Dr. Roessler’s 30+ years of experience in this realm make him the go-to guy in the area. Select minor improvements or a complete smile makeovers with veneers, whitening, bonding, Invisalign, and gum reshaping.
  • Preventive Dentistry – You can come here for cleanings, exams, gum disease therapy, and custom mouthguards. We also have fluoride treatment, sealants, bad breath treatment, and dry mouth solutions.
  • Restorative Dentistry – Get a repair job with composite fillings, porcelain crowns, root canals, and tooth replacements such as bridges, dentures, and implant restorations can eliminate pain and embarrassment while improving your oral health.
  • Orthodontics – For several years, we’ve been giving patients an alternative to metal braces. Adults and teens alike appreciateour clear, removable, comfortable Invisalign aligners. This treatment boosts health as well as appearance.
  • Oral Surgery – When you need a tooth extraction, you can count on us to recommend it only if absolutely necessary. You’ll remain comfortable with sedation the whole time.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment – Dr. Roessler’s advanced training allows him to help you minimize sleep apnea symptoms and related health conditions with a comfortable sleep appliance. This move might just save your life.
  • TMJ Treatment – Address jaw pain, headaches, and teeth grinding here. We can help relieve TMJ symptoms with a custom night guard.

Our Zurich cosmetic dentist wants to boost your appearance while caring for every other aspect of your smile. That’s why he still loves his life-changing work after all these years. To visit him and our team sooner than later, call 847-652-9147.