Any sport that involves a flying ball or object, running or jumping, or where players come in frequent contact with each other has the potential to inflict injury upon your child’s smile. To protect your young player’s teeth and gums from a sports-related accident, you should opt for our one-of-a-kind athletic mouthguards. These will also help your kids to breathe better and speak more clearly than those boil and bite mouthguards that never really fit. Plus, you can get your new mouthguard in a variety of colors to match your team colors, and different thicknesses depending on your child’s activity of choice. How cool is that?!

Check out the video clip below, which has more good information from the American Dental Association about mouthguards. Once you have finished watching, call 847-652-9147 to request your athletic mouthguards consultation with Dr. Michael Roessler. Our Mundelein office features convenient hours that fit your schedule, including evenings and Saturdays.