We always check in with our patients about their lives, especially around the holidays. If we haven’t talked to you yet about your plans for the Fourth, we hope you’re able to spend the day relaxing with family and friends, perhaps some you haven’t seen in a while.

Regardless, Independence Day just isn’t the same as it used to be if you have loose dentures. While everyone else is enjoying thick hamburgers and corn on the cob, you might be stuck with your baked beans and potato salad. Or maybe you eat what everyone else does but only because you chop everything into little pieces first, or just suffer through the discomfort.

Eating anything without having to think about it is a basic human right. No matter why you lost your teeth, we can make sure you never have to worry about bad dentures again.

Read on to see how dental implants can give you the independence you deserve, far beyond eating a steak. Then call 847-652-9147 to get started on your life free from dentures.

Implants Are an Investment in Your Health & Well-Being

Implants offer far more than conventional removable dentures, whether you attach dentures or a bridge to your implants. You can expect to:

  • Have teeth that feel, work, and look like the real thing
  • Smile around anyone without a second thought
  • Eat, laugh, sing, and speak without worrying your teeth will move around
  • Help stop bone loss in your jaw, a consequence of wearing traditional dentures
  • Restore a full, youthful-looking face due to restored bone
  • Eat out or eat around others without worrying what your dentures will allow you to eat
  • Improve your diet and overall health since you can easily eat healthier foods and chew them properly to improve digestion
  • Improve your oral health by preventing bone loss and reducing your risk of mouth sores and gum disease
  • Taste your food fully since the roof of your mouth isn’t covered
  • Interact confidently with strangers, friends, family, colleagues, and others because you don’t have to think about your teeth anymore
  • Have the self-esteem needed to pursue relationships, career goals, and other aspirations
  • Keep your implants for life – they should never need replacement since they become part of your bone

Feel Confident in Your Decision

It’s normal for people to have reservations about getting implants. We understand these hesitations. It’s why we’re willing to answer all your questions, including:

  • Dr. Roessler’s decades of experience restoring teeth
  • How we closely coordinate any care you need from a local oral surgeon
  • How you can stay comfortable during your procedure with effective local anesthesia and sedation
  • How our flexible payment options, including financing and dental insurance, make affording your new teeth manageable
  • How technology like precise digital imaging improves your comfort, saves time, makes your treatment more predictable, and gives you the best results possible

Don’t let loose dentures rob you of your freedoms in life. Call us at 847-652-9147 to schedule your next appointment to discuss how teeth implants in Mundelein can change your life. You can also schedule online.

Happy Independence Day!