If you are replacing your teeth with dentures, you can choose regular dentures or implant dentures. While every smile is different, dentures with implants offer several benefits you can’t get from standard dentures.

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In the meantime, see some of the reasons patients are so happy with dental implant dentures:

  • No More Adhesive – Regular dentures sit on top of your gums. They’re kept in place with suction – and often a bit of adhesive. Even with adhesive, though, they can slip and shift. When your dentist attaches dentures to dental implants, they won’t move. You won’t need adhesive. More important, you won’t need to worry about embarrassing moments from loose dentures. 
  • Better Diet – With dentures attached to implants, your bite is much stronger than with conventional dentures. You’ll be able to eat all kinds of crunchy and hearty foods without worrying about dislodging your teeth. 
  • Natural Feel and Function – With their tendency to slip and shift, conventional dentures can irritate your gums. That’s not a concern with dental implant dentures. Most people forget they even have them! 
  • No Bone Loss – Dental implants stimulate your jaw the same way that natural tooth roots do. This keeps your jaw from shrinking, as it will do without roots to stimulate it. Protecting your jaw from bone loss keeps you looking younger and healthier. 
  • Simple Maintenance – Depending on the implant dentures option you choose, you can keep your teeth clean with simple brushing and flossing. In addition, you won’t need relining procedures to adjust how your teeth fit and feel. 

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