Did you know that almost all instances of dental anxiety begin with a person’s earliest experiences in the dental chair? While this alone is a good reason to carefully choose a pediatric dentist, children’s dentistry is important for optimal oral health and wellness, too. Michael Roessler, DDS in Mundelein, IL offers skilled family dentistry to the youngest members of your household and encourages you to introduce your kids to dental care early in their lives.

As your preferred dentist in Mundelein, Dr. Roessler has the specialized training it takes to recognize and treat issues that occur during childhood years. The doctor and our office staff are also skilled in dealing with children and their needs, ensuring that a visit and treatment is always a fun and happy experience. This encourages positive feelings about dental care as well as nurturing good oral hygiene.

However, children’s dentistry is important for ensuring oral health even as a child’s first “baby” teeth emerge. Many parents do not realize that a pediatric dentist has many tips and tactics for minimizing the difficulties of teething, ensuring that the first teeth remain healthy and even discovering any orthodontic issues that could occur as adult teeth appear. Because of this, children’s dentistry is important as early as a child’s first year, and we encourage all parents to get in touch and book a first visit and begin making plans for ongoing oral health.

The issue of orthodontics is substantial. After all, parents often budget for orthodontics well ahead of their child’s need for them, and this is because it can be a costly matter. Now, imagine if you could pre-empt this issue through earlier methods? This is a good reason for pediatric dentistry.

In addition to all of these issues, children’s dentistry is important for parents. After all, are you certain you are helping your child to brush their teeth the proper way? Are you using the right toothpaste and methods? Our staff can help you with this key issue, too and guarantee that your child develops the strongest oral hygiene habits even before they are very aware of the matter. Making oral hygiene a positive and daily habit is the key to a lifetime of optimal health.

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