Though many people still hold outdated ideas about dentures, things are changing. As one of the most reliable and advanced forms of restorative dentistry, dentures can be a great solution when you have lost an entire arch of teeth or just several in one area of the mouth. Michael Roessler, DDS in Mundelein, IL provides patients with dentures and restorative dentistry, and encourages everyone to learn a bit about dentures aftercare before obtaining treatment.

As your preferred dentist in Mundelein, Dr. Roessler will be able to provide you with full or partial dentures if you have suffered tooth loss due to decay, injury or simple aging. Your dentures will be carefully crafted to your mouth and designed to provide you with the fullest function possible. You should be able to easily eat, speak and look just like you have always done, but it really helps if you are clear about the two phases of dentures aftercare, too.

Phase One

The first part of dentures aftercare is the time immediately after you get your new dentures. The doctor will explain that you must wear the appliance for a full 24 hours after it is first placed in your mouth. This lets your gums begin to acclimate and allows you to discover if there are any flaws with the fit. It can take a bit of time to become used to eating and speaking with the dentures, but most patients are used to them within a matter of days or weeks.

Phase Two

This is the part of dentures aftercare that occurs after you have grown used to them and are wearing them for daily life. While you may feel that your dentures are strong and durable, it’s important to remember that they are also quite fragile. That means that your first form of aftercare is to train yourself to handle your dentures carefully.

You will also want to take them out at night in order to give your gums a rest and to properly cleanse the dentures. Gently brushing them is also a must, and sticking to your routine of two annual exams and cleanings is important, too.

With proper care, most dentures last for five to ten years before needing replacement, but any time the fit feels different or uncomfortable you must get in touch.

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