Benefits of Dental Crowns

It is interesting how often we might take certain dental treatments for granted. Fillings and dental crowns are two of the most frequently used and we overlook just how beneficial they can be. Considering the benefits of dental crowns can often surprise you, and it is why Michael Roessler, DDS in Mundelein, IL encourages our patients to learn about dental crown and other forms of restorative dentistry.

Dental crowns are not exactly what they sound like. Unlike an actual crown that encircles the head, dental crowns cover and shield the entire tooth, more like a hat or cap. They are made of durable materials that are crafted to match the surrounding teeth, making it almost impossible to detect any sort of restorative dentistry just by looking at the teeth.

Though esthetics are very important, the benefits of dental crowns go beyond their appealing appearances, and include:

They bring discomfort to an end – There is no arguing about the abilities of dental crowns to bring the pain of cavities, decay, and damages to an end. Whether they are used to cover a tooth that has had an overly large cavity, as the finishing touch to a root canal, or to stabilize a damaged or weakened tooth, they are known for eliminating pain and sensitivity.

They are multi-taskers – In the world of restorative dentistry, dental crowns serve many different purposes. As we have mentioned, they are used whenever someone has a root canal because the procedure demands the removal of so much pulp. They are used for overly large fillings and on teeth that have been compromised. They are also put to use when you get a dental implant. Dental crowns are a very workable option!

They are fast – In some instance, technologies allow for same day crowns, but many dentists have them ready in two visits. They are custom molded to your specific needs and then crafted in a lab. The tooth is prepared and the crown bonded to the tooth, offering it total protection and support.

They last a long time – With a life span of at least 10 to 15 years, with many going beyond that and into the 30-year mark, they are a wonderful, long-term answer to cosmetic or restorative dentistry needs.

They are restorative – Of course, one of the biggest benefits of dental crowns is that they restore a tooth, enabling you to use it just like you always have while knowing it is safe from damage or decay for many years to come.

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