Let’s be totally up front here. No one ever says, “I’d really love to be able to have braces. After all, it’s what all the cool people are doing.” Braces just aren’t high up on anyone’s list of favorite fashion accessories. Then again, misaligned teeth don’t do a whole lot to earn you the admiration of the “in” crowd either. So, what can you do? Michael Roessler DDS in Mundelein, IL can provide you with the many benefits of invisalign®.


Imagine a way of straightening your teeth without the unsightly appearance of metal braces. What if you could have your bite problems corrected without anyone even knowing that you were wearing braces? With Invisalign®, it’s possible, and for most people it’s a perfectly workable alternative to unsightly metal braces. The Invisalign system is a series of clear braces that are so unobtrusive that unless someone is practically peering directly into your mouth, they’re essentially undetectable. And there are other benefits of Invisalign as well.


With metal braces, you often have to forego the foods you enjoy. That means no popcorn while you’re binge-watching Netflix. It also means no sticky candies and no chewing gum, and probably untold amounts of time cleaning the food particles out of your braces if you want to eat a steak or enjoy some corn on the cob. That’s because once metal braces are installed, there’s no living without them until your dentist or orthodontist removes them. Invisalign, on the other hand, is removable. So if you want a piece of gum, or some salt water taffy, just take them off and enjoy! Then brush your teeth and put them back on.


Another huge advantage of Invisalign clear braces is that there’s no discomfort and no need for constant visits to have them adjusted. Metal braces have to be tightened regularly and most patients report that they’re in discomfort for at least a day to sometimes several days. With Invisalign, you get a set of several braces that you can change at home on a specific schedule, and the alignment is so gradual that you won’t feel any pain.


So, the final word is simply this – we know that you don’t want braces. But if you need them, Invisalign can be a great alternative to traditional braces. They look better, they don’t hurt, you can eat whatever you want, and in most cases they’re just as effective as metal braces.


If you’re looking for a straighter and perfectly aligned smile without the pain and hassle of traditional braces, contact us today!