Metal braces for teeth are becoming a thing of the past for many as the Invisalign® treatment takes hold in dentistry. The old kind of braces have a stigma attached to them, as many Americans may remember being teased in school with names like “metal mouth” and other unsavory terms. Adults are often more resistant to getting metal braces than children are because of this particular stigma. Invisalign treatment is one way that dentists are able to help align the teeth and remove this social barrier to fixing the problem.

Often referred to as “clear braces”, the treatment consists of affixing transparent thermoplastic material over the teeth to properly align them. As you may already know, braces used to align teeth take up to a couple years to complete the alignment process, so having a virtually invisible version of them is quite an asset for a socially sensitive issue. A dentist will be able to help get your teeth fixed without making you look different or stand out with the awkward looking metal that is often associated with having braces put on.

Even more amazing is the fact that these plastic clear braces are removable. The aligners are much more comfortable and won’t hinder your smile one bit. 3D imaging technology has enabled dentists to create the perfect model and moldings to fit over your teeth to help straighten them, no matter how old you are. Nearly two-thirds of dentists in the United States and Canada are qualified to treat their patients with clear braces.

With traditional braces, there are often inconvenient trips to the dentist’s office involved to adjust the braces. This can be avoided with Invisalign. Traditional braces also limit the kinds of foods and drinks you can consume because of the obtrusive wiring and metal. The clear plastic version only needs to be removed for brushing and flossing.

Every couple weeks, you will be able to get new aligners and your teeth will straighten more as each week passes, little by little, until your teeth are eventually straightened. Invisalign treatment can be empowering, helping to improve that smile and the health of your teeth, as any dentist would agree. Average time spent wearing the aligners in total is between 9 and 15 months.

Pain was always the scary issue with braces. The clear plastic kind are much less painful for patients. Of course, there may be some slight discomfort due to the alignment process of teeth being shifted into place, but the outcome is very much worth this temporary feeling.

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