Getting a dental crown from your Mundelein dentist is actually a common procedure. At Roessler, DDS, we recommend dental crowns to our patients for a variety of reasons. Of course, if one is not needed, we will not recommend them because they are on the more expensive side of dental treatments. If you do need a dental crown, we will give you a beautiful porcelain dental crown that resembles your surrounding teeth for a completely natural finish. Don’t worry that it will look unnatural. If you think that you might need a dental crown, take a look at the common reasons dental crowns are needed on our list below.

You Need a Dental Crown for Cosmetic Reasons

One of the top reasons our patients need a dental crown in Mundelein is for cosmetic reasons. Although porcelain veneers are cheaper, dental crowns are more permanent. If you have teeth that are stained, chipped, broken, cracked or even oddly shaped, a dental crown can be placed over your teeth to change the aesthetics. Dental crowns can also restore teeth that are worn down from grinding. We can shape your dental crown to complement your smile and choose the perfect color to match your teeth. If you want a whiter smile, we can complete a teeth whitening treatment before your dental crown placement so that your new crown will match your freshly whitened teeth. Although dental crowns can be used for restorative reasons, they work just as well for cosmetic reasons.

You Need a Dental Crown After a Root Canal

Another common reason why you would need a dental crown in Mundelein is that you just received a root canal. Root canals involve drilling a large hole to reach your tooth’s canal which is then cleaned out and reshaped. The large hole is filled and then a dental crown is placed over your tooth to protect the tooth from further infection and to restore strength. The less tooth structure that is in your tooth, the less strong it is. Once the dental crown is placed on top, your tooth is free of infection, strong and looks great. You never have to worry about receiving a root canal in that tooth again thanks to dental crowns.

You Need a Dental Crown to Restore Strength in Your Tooth

After a time, it’s quite normal to have had a few cavities in your mouth, sometimes a few in the same tooth. If any of your teeth happen to have multiple fillings in them or have undergone several treatments that have left your tooth not very strong anymore, our Mundelein dentist may recommend a dental crown to restore the strength back to your tooth. When there is more composite material in your tooth than tooth structure, your tooth will not be very strong. As a result, your tooth can break at any point, resulting in you needing an extraction. To prevent your tooth from further damage and to keep its strength up, we recommend placing a dental crown over it to protect it. As a bonus, your tooth will look brand new!

You Need a Dental Crown to Cover a Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Another common reason that a patient may need a dental crown in Mundelein is that they have a cracked or chipped tooth. You can usually fix a crack or chip with dental bonding or even a porcelain veneer but these options are not permanent. Dental bonding will last a year or two before it needs to be replaced while a porcelain veneer needs to be replaced every 10 years or so. Dental crowns only need to be replaced if they break. This can easily be avoided if you take proper care of your dental crown. This means not using your teeth as a tool, biting into anything hard that you shouldn’t be biting, or even just wearing night guards and mouth guards when deemed necessary. A dental crown can last you for the rest of your life with proper care.

You Need a Dental Crown to Replace a Missing Tooth

Dental crowns are not only used to restore your broken, cracked, chipped or unaesthetic teeth. Dental crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth. In order to use a dental crown to replace a single missing tooth, you will first need to receive a dental implant. Dental implant surgery has a few requirements like healthy gums, adequate bone mass in the jaw, and a generally healthy mouth. The surgery will require you to heal for months before we can actually place the dental crown to replace your missing tooth. Once the dental crown is placed though, you will find that it feels very natural! It will also look natural and blend in with your surrounding teeth.

You Need a Dental Crown to Replace Large Amalgam Fillings

The last reason you might need a dental crown in Mundelein is if you need to replace any large amalgam fillings you might have. Amalgam fillings used to be the norm when it came to dental fillings. Now they look unnatural and many questions if the mercury in them is safe. As a result, many people are opting to have their amalgam fillings removed and have them replaced with composite fillings or with a dental crown for a more natural appearance. If you have a large amalgam filling in your mouth, you may need a dental crown to replace it.

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