Finding a new dentist can be a long and stressful experience. Do you choose a family dentist, a cosmetic dentist or some sort of specialist? In most cases, a family or general dentist is the most ideal option. Roessler, DDS in Mundelein is a family dentist you can rely on for affordable dentistry for the whole family. Find out why you should visit a family dentist in Mundelein for your next dental appointment.

1.  A Family Dentist in Mundelein Can Treat You for Multiple Problems

One of the biggest perks of visiting a family dentist is that they can treat you for multiple problems under the same roof. For example, at Roessler, DDS, we can give you preventive dental care like dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, dental fillings, and deep cleanings to prevent problems from occurring in your mouth. In addition, we can also provide restorative dentistry for patients who have damaged or missing teeth. Restorative dentistry includes dentures, dental crowns, dental implants, and even dental bridges.

We also offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you achieve the beautiful smile you want with treatments like porcelain veneers, dental bonding teeth whitening and even Invisalign to straighten your teeth. Lastly, we offer a selection of specialized dental treatments like sleep apnea treatment, sedation dentistry, and TMJ treatment. All of the procedures you could ever need are all under one roof for your convenience. You don’t have to drive around to different dental offices when you opt for a family dentist in Mundelein.

2. You Can Bring Your Whole Family

Another reason you should visit a family dentist in Mundelein is that they accept all ages, meaning you can bring your entire family to visit. This means you don’t have to travel in circles to get your whole family to their particular dentist. We prefer to begin seeing your children as soon as their first teeth erupt. This allows us to begin preventive care as soon as possible. When your child starts to see us when they’re young, this helps them associate going to the dentist as a positive experience. As a result, your child will continue to see us throughout their life and establish healthy dental habits.

Our family dentist is also ideal for adults and seniors. Dental care is important for all ages and we highly encourage all ages to visit us every 6 months for a dental exam. This is the best way to prevent serious problems from occurring and to avoid expensive dental treatments down the line. Regardless of what age you are, our family dentist is perfect for the whole family.

3. Family Dentists Have Extensive Training

If you are looking for another reason to visit a family dentist, extensive training should be one of them. Our family dentist in Mundelein has undergone extensive training outside just dentistry school in order to provide you and your family with such a variety of treatments. Our extensive training is what allows us to provide you with Invisalign, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Visit our dentist to see our extensive range of training for yourself.

4. Family Dentists Provide a Personal Touch

If you prefer a personal touch, a cosmetic dentist should be your go-to. Since you will visit your family dentist for all of your treatments, you will get to know each other on a personal level which will allow for more of a personal touch during your appointments. In addition, our staff makes an effort to treat every patient like the individual they are. We want you to feel comfortable during all of your appointments at our Mundelein dentist office.

5. A Family Dentist is Convenient

Since you can receive all of your dental treatments in one spot, a family dentist is more convenient than seeing individual dentists for all of your needs. This will save you time on driving as well as time in the office chair. We can complete all of your dental procedures in one visit so you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments.

6. A Family Dentist Focuses on Preventive Dentistry

One of the best reasons to visit a family dentist is because preventive dentistry is a focus of ours. This means that we try to give you as many preventive treatments and information you need as possible so that you can prevent dental problems in the first place. We would rather give you a dental cleaning every 6 months than see you every year for dental fillings, extractions or a root canal.

7. Your Family Dentist in Mundelein Offers Sedation Dentistry

One of the major perks of visiting a family dentist is the variety of treatments available. We offer sedation dentistry at our Mundelein dentist office to help make the patient’s visits more comfortable and enjoyable. Sedation dentistry can help you stay comfortable during your entire visit. Patients who have dental anxiety or fear the dentist especially benefit from this treatment option.

8. Family Dentists Care About Comfort

The last reason you should consider visiting a family dentist in Mundelein is that we care deeply about the comfort of our patients. We know how to treat patients of all ages, including children. Visiting the dentist for the first time as a child can set up how your child feels about the dentist for the rest of their life. If you want to have a comfortable experience, you should visit a family dentist in Mundelein.

Visit Your New Family Dentist in Mundelein Today

If you are in need of a dental exam or would like to schedule a dentist appointment for you and your family members, give Roessler, DDS a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We can even try to schedule you and your family’s visits back to back or during the same time to make it even more convenient. Experience a qualified family dentist for yourself today.