A fear of the dentist is one way to ensure that your dental health suffers. Unfortunately, some people can’t help it. Whether they had a bad experience at the dentist when they were younger, or they’re embarrassed by their smiles, there are people out there who will avoid going to the dentist at all costs. At Roessler, DDS, we don’t want any patients of ours to avoid seeking the dental care they need because of this fear or anxiety in their life. Find out how to combat your fear of the dentist and how our dentist in Mundelein can actually help you feel more comfortable during your visits to our dental office.

Why Are Certain People Afraid of the Dentist?

There are a number of different reasons that someone might be afraid of the dentist; however, there are four main reasons that we have found that patients use to avoid visiting us.

Pain – One of the top reasons a patient might show a fear of the dentist is because they are in pain. When you’re in physical pain, it’s unlikely that you will want to go somewhere where their pain might become potentially worse at a slight touch. Patients who are afraid of the dentist because of pain should know that we do everything in our power to make each patient feel comfortable and pain-free throughout their visit. Let us know at any time if you experience pain and we will find the best remedy for it.

Past Experience – All it takes is for one bad haircut, one bad doctor’s visit or one bad dentist appointment for someone to want to avoid ever going again. We completely understand why patients who have had a bad past experience are hesitant to visit another dentist. Whether their visit was painful or had complications, we can ensure that will never happen when you visit Roessler, DDS. Read what some of our patients are saying about us to see for yourself.

Lack of Control – Another reason that patients tend to have a fear of the dentist is that they experience a lack of control when they’re in the dentist’s chair and don’t like experiencing that feeling.

Embarrassed – If a patient has gums or teeth that are in bad shape, they might feel embarrassed and this will prevent them from wanting to visit the dentist because they are so embarrassed. Unfortunately, this is a catch-22 situation. You should never feel embarrassed about your teeth when you visit the dentist. We are here to help you!

Be Honest With Us About Your Dental Fear

One of the first steps in overcoming your fear of the dentist is, to be honest with both yourself and your dentist about your dental fear. Once everything is laid out on the table, we can find the perfect solution to help you feel comfortable when you visit our dental office. We won’t judge you or dismiss any fears you have, we’re here to listen and help. If you have a fear, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can help you feel more comfortable.

Bring a Distraction with You

Another way to combat your fear of the dentist is by bringing a distraction with you. Whether you want to bring headphones to listen to your favorite music or podcast or have a favorite show that you like to watch that helps you relax, bring it with you. Having a distraction with you during your dental appointments can help you take your mind off of your fear and allow you to relax throughout your appointment.

Have Someone Come With You

Another way to stay relaxed during your upcoming dental appointment is by bringing someone you love with you. This extra comfort and support will give you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong so you can stay relaxed during your appointment. We also recommend scheduling your dental appointment for first thing in the morning that way you don’t have to spend your entire day thinking about it.

Try Self-Calming Techniques

During your appointment, practice some self-calming techniques like deep breathing. Take a deep breath, hold it in for a few seconds, and then release slowly. Continue doing this throughout your appointment to help you relax.

Look for Therapeutic Support

Another way to prepare yourself mentally for your upcoming dental appointment is by actually going to therapy for it. When you discuss your concerns with a therapist, they can help you find the right solutions to address your fears.

Try Sedation Dentistry

If all of the above solutions aren’t the most effective for helping you feel relaxed during your dental appointments, you should know that we offer sedation dentistry to patients who suffer from dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. We offer a few different sedation dentistry options. The first is oral conscious sedation which consists of taking a pill prior to your appointment to help you feel relaxed. We also offer nitrous oxide sedation dentistry which is also known as laughing gas. We administer this through a mask during your appointment to help you feel relaxed. Our last option is IV sedation, which we inject via IV to help you feel instantly relaxed. Our Mundelein dentist is happy to discuss which sedation dentistry option is best for you and your fears.

Visit Your Dentist Without Fear in Mundelein

Stop skipping your dental appointments and find a solution for your fear of the dentist. With the different solutions out there to help you combat your fear of the dentist, we’re here to help you find the right one for you. If you’re interested in sedation dentistry in Mundelein or want to discuss your other options, give our dental office a call or fill out our online form to be contacted. We look forward to helping you overcome your fear.