Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Did you know that there is a huge difference between snoring and the condition known as sleep apnea? Many people chalk up snoring to, well…snoring, when it is actually a sign of sleep apnea. This is a condition in which you stop breathing many times each night because of the physical structures in the mouth and throat. Clearly, one of the key benefits of sleep apnea treatment is that you no longer struggle to breathe, but Michael Roessler, DDS is a dentist in Mundelein, IL who wants patients to know more about the many benefits of sleep apnea treatment.

One of the first things to know about sleep apnea is that it comes in a few forms, and it often goes undiagnosed. The most common is OSA or “obstructive sleep apnea.” This is when the airways are blocked, forcing you to breath shallowly or with lengthy pauses. The vibration in the throat is what causes loud snoring, and when no air can make it through, you usually awake with a snort.

Treating it typically involves the use of special oral appliances or devices that literally force air into the body, preventing the pauses in breath and even ending your snoring.

While OSA may seem like a minor issue (though a spouse may not appreciate all of the snoring and snorting), it leads to an astonishing list of potential health problems. The benefits of sleep apnea treatment for our patients in Mundelein, IL include:

Eliminating the symptoms that can cause many serious health problems. It is not unusual for those with OSA to be obese, to suffer from heart disease or failure, stroke, diabetes and extreme daytime fatigue.

Overcoming the symptoms improves wellbeing – Many patients recognize the most immediate benefits of sleep apnea treatment in their daily life. For example, they are more clear headed, alert, emotionally stable, and able to concentrate. They also don’t have a resentful spouse or partner who is also suffering fatigue because of the disruption to their sleep.

It cuts down on medical expenses – When you eliminate health problems and improve quality of life, you require less medical care. Whether it is for diseases associated with OSA or because of issues brought on by severe fatigue (including motor vehicle accidents from drowsy driving), your out of pocket expenses decline or even disappear.

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